With an overall aim of improving the day-to-day work of translators, this aspect is focused on various methods designed and employed to increase productivity, improve translation skills of translators and transform theoretical knowledge into practice. Special attention is given to the analysis of how general trends in the translation industry change as a result of new methods of communication. Due to constant MT development post-editing is also finding its way into the translation aspect of the language industry.


This aspect offers a comprehensive overview of current technologies used in the industry and gives an illuminating insight into the future powered by machine translation and related language processing technologies. Its aim is to broaden technical know-how through demonstrations of various tools and technologies already deployed in the translation industry and provide advanced information on fundamental technical issues while learning from experts about what a DIY machine translation system does, how it behaves and how you can make the most of it.


This aspect focuses on a wide range of terminology-related topics across various verticals in the translation industry zeroing in on challenges and highlighting solutions faced by translators and LSPs on a daily basis. Often neglected due to high initial costs and low short-term gains, terminology is nevertheless an essential component of the translation process and a vital ingredient of effective communication. Talks by terminology experts will allow you to gain insight into various terminology-related issues in southeast Europe and equip you with strategies on dealing with terminology in today’s fast-paced world.